We pride ourselves in the idea that CONFIDENCE is contagious and wanted to share a collection that influences positivity. Our main focus while creating this collection was to make products that are not only stylish but comfortable. Radiating positivity and empowering others, “Wear Your Confidence“ supports the idea that when you look good you feel good. 

Make yourself a part of the movement. 




The Globe

Confidence is meant for everyone all over the world. We want this concept to show that it’s versatile and meant for everyone. When you wear The Globe shirt you represent the global community. 


The Definition


The Definition is a clear view into the word “Confidence” and the way to define yourself. This collection represents our definition of confidence and how this one word can change your veiw of the world.


Person with Aura

When you’re confident about how you feel and you feel great, it spreads to others. We wanted a design that represents the positive Aura that's not seen but is always present when showing your confidence.