We firmly think that in order to realize our full potential, we must achieve success with tenacity, harmony, and through hustle. Making a change requires commitment, but the success and progress that follow demonstrate your boundless potential. Our perseverance and dedication to achieving our goals demonstrate to ourselves how great we can be once we realize just how much we can actually accomplish. Merit donates 20% of its profits to the FATE youth program, which encourages students to work hard and think creatively.   



" Unlocking success through hustle and perserverence."


The lotus flower keeps growing despite its poor circumstances, shining brightly and inspiring perseverance. When you wear the endurance shirt, you can relate your tale of how you formerly struggled in life before succeeding while also feeling empowered. 




Achieving your goals and making one simple change might start the whole process.Working together keeps it moving, such as cogwheels that turn independently when one starts to turn. You are continuously reminding yourself to work harder by wearing our production collection.



Although there is infinite space, if you keep looking, you will discover your potential. You'll keep going, even in the most improbable areas. Wearing Evolution gives you the ability to mentally remind yourself that you can always improve no matter what the situation.