To us, Nostalgic Moments means when you’re living in the moment and reminiscing about how far you’ve come, where you are now, and how far you’re going. Our overall mission is to get people to think back to their childhood, the history of Detroit, and to remember the good times. 



Nostalgic Moments

 The iPod reminds us of a nostalgic way of listening to old school music using iPods, MP3 players, and walking around with headphones plugged in. We chose to name the design “Now Playing” because a song has the power to bring you back to a certain moment in time and music has the power to bring joy and happiness into the present. Music can teach us how to enjoy the present and live in the moment because it will one day become a nostalgic memory.



When we came up with “The places we’ll go”, we thought of how cars are nostalgic to the Detroit community. We want to give people a look back into the past with this specific car model in our collection. It’s important to look back at these moments because it could help you remember a simpler time in your life that evokes positive emotions. The car also symbolizes the places you will go or are going in the future and is about everyone coming together as a community.


When it comes to wheels, they have carried you through your past moments and prepared you for the future ahead of you. We have the Merit symbol in the center of the wheel since Merit is a community that keeps propelling you forward. We chose the wheel to represent Detroit’s past and future as a pioneer in the auto industry.