We're from Detroit. We were raised in Detroit. We are Detroit.
Just like our city we have an exciting future ahead of us. But first that requires us to think without limits and dream the unthinkable. We are singularly focused on the bright path ahead, and we are ready to achieve greatness. This collection is the story of how to achieve that greatness for ourselves and for our city.


the Unthinkable


Think the Unthinkable

In this design we not only want to highlight "think the unthinkable" but to think BOLDLY. Life is fast, confusing and messy but it's a playground in which you can achieve everything. Think BOLD. Your thoughts are not limited, therefore, think, dream, and succeed big.


Beyond the Sky


The eagle is a bird that can go higher than other birds. Before you can achieve your goals you must become someone capable of achieving them. Our dreams have no limits. Be like an eagle, go beyond the sky, and achieve your dreams.


Unlimited Potential

Thinking and being unlimited is differentiating yourself from others. Becoming the unthinkable is being unique by exemplifying your true self. You only need one breakthrough moment to make it big. So, think unlimited.