Zeke Harris is a Social Impact Designer for the United Way in Detroit, MI. We talked to him about who inspires him.

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A role model is someone who is worth following.

inspires you: My Uncle Michael inspires me. How our family went, every generation got a little bit better and he was the one who kind of broke the mold and had this great job, and family, and Godly man, and doing everything how it should be done without ever considering there being an other option. It was always gonna be this way. He was always gonna graduate high school, he was always gonna go to college, he was always gonna get a job, he was always gonna work hard. Things that were kind of given. So for me, going through all those same stages, even though a generation before people were struggling to graduate high school, it was like oh yeah, high school graduation, that’s a given, going to college, that’s a given, getting a job and working, that’s a given. Now it’s at a point where it’s thinking about success and significance. It’s not just enough to be successful, it’s about being significant in the work that I do.
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