We caught up with Jasper Gill, a Doctor straight outta Detroit, to discuss John Adams and superpowers. 

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Someone like well-rounded, well traveled. World-class citizen. Yeah, that’s it.

world-class citizen: Someone like well-rounded, well traveled. World-class citizen. Yeah, that’s it.

inspires you: Can it be anyone? Like past? Way past? Probably John Adams, the second President of the United States. Cuz we always forget about him. George Washington. Then we go Thomas Jefferson. But, John Adams has done a lot for this country.

explain: He didn’t want a two-party political system. Which is what we have now. That was like his biggest worry. Now we have it.

biggest priority: I think right now, my biggest priority is physical fitness. I think if you start with something like that, and just focus on that then everything else will come around that.

superpower: Hmm. Very intuitive. I can read minds kind of.

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